Category: Jewelry Restyling

Jeff's Platinum and White Gold Ring

  Jeff’s platinum and white gold ring is a beautiful story of how two rings that had great sentimental values were combined into one stylish and very meaningful men’s ring. Here’s the story of the transformation! Jeff had a men’s white gold wedding ring and a ladies platinum engagement ring.  Here are the images:  … Read more »

The Making of Jenn's Va Va Voom Diamond Ring

Jenn’s Va Va Voom ring has a different story! It sure is a metamorphosis! What Jennifer wanted was to take out the diamonds from her two original rings and make a new right hand ring that would be wide and have more of a band look versus an engagement ring. Here’s the image of the… Read more »

Custom Restyling of Heirloom Jewelry

Often we inherit jewelry that’s out-dated and not our style.  Most of the time it just sits in a drawer.  Some have sentimental value as they belonged to someone dear to us.  Some don’t have any sentimental value and they were received as a gift, but they have pretty gems that can be taken out… Read more »

Estate and Outdated Jewelry – Repair or Recycle?

How do you know when if you should repair an old ring or take it apart and make something new with its gems? The answer not only is very subjective, it also depends on the style/condition of the piece and even how it was received!  For example, above is the image of a beautiful antique… Read more »

Engagement Ring Custom Made Using Diamonds From An Heirloom Pin

Diamond’s from an heirloom butterfly pin took a journey out of the pin into Jessica’s custom made platinum engagement ring!  One day, Bill and Jessica came to have a custom made engagement ring made using the diamond’s from a Victorian pin that Bill’s mom had inherited.  Below is a picture of the pin, before I… Read more »