Designer of Custom Engagement & Wedding Rings

Embark on an extraordinary journey with Cynthia Britt, a renowned jewelry creator, and engineer who has the gift of envisioning a unique piece of jewelry for each person. Specializing in creating bespoke heirlooms with an international clientele, Cynthia invites you to her Newbury Street atelier for a unique experience.

Cynthia’s consultation process goes beyond traditional design considerations. She begins by exploring your hand and finger structure, facial nuances, neck contours, and wrist dynamics. While in-person together, she envisions and sketches an original design that captures your personality and style in a piece of jewelry. This is a unique experience exclusive to Cynthia Britt. Her expertise extends to sourcing any diamonds and rare-colored gems from around the globe, taking into account your skin tone. This journey continues with a follow-up consult for your stone selection. Once you have acquired the stones that speak to you, Cynthia breathes life into her sketch, resulting in a bespoke masterpiece designed specifically for you.

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