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Pearls: A Guide to Nature’s Gemstones from the Sea

For centuries, Pearls have held a place of mystique and allure. Legends whisper of their creation, attributing them to the tears of mermaids or the solidified moonlight captured by oysters. Perhaps it’s this very mystery that imbues Pearls with such enduring regality. Queens adorned themselves with these luminous spheres, and emperors coveted them as symbols… Read more »

Heirloom Rings Turned Into Irish Clover Inspired Necklace

In life amidst constant change, some things remain forever, Jaimee to me with four beautiful heirloom diamond rings, her grandmothers and aunts’, all set with different size diamonds. Jaimee came in for a custom piece, a beautiful and unique request. She wanted to have the diamonds taken out, and have a necklace designed, Irish inspired… Read more »

Creating Three Stone Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring For Rachel

    Good good things come to those who wait, dream rings come to those who plan and move at the opportune moment! Rachel and her now fiancé had known each other, well let’s just say for some time! Rachel is familiar with my work. In fact she recommended me to one of her closest… Read more »

Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring For Elizabeth

Elizabeth and her fiancé came in to have an engagement ring custom made for their beautiful heirloom diamond. Elizabeth has long beautiful fingers, her hand has a very soft and clean look so her ring needed to be very refined even the color of the metal needed to be subtle. Elizabeth liked the idea of… Read more »

Sapphire And Diamond Engagement Ring For Nicole

It is an incredibly rewarding feeling for me to make a ring that is the person’s dream ring.  Nicole and her finacé-to-be came for a platinum sapphire and diamond engagement ring that would be different from the ready-made engagement rings that they had already seen.  They sent me a few images so I would know… Read more »

Custom Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring Set

When Genevieve came back to have her stones checked and her rings cleaned, I had the opportunity to take a picture of her custom made engagement ring and wedding ring together.  I have already written the story of how I made each ring, so I won’t go through detail.  However, I would like to mention… Read more »

Matching Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Choosing the right wedding ring is very important.  For ladies, you are going to wear your wedding band everyday, but you may not wear your engagement ring everyday.  For men, that’s one ring and probably most important piece of jewelry that you’ll always wear, so make sure you love it! Couples sometimes ask me if… Read more »

Wax Carving in Custom Jewelry Designing

Hand carving of animal shapes and any organic subject such as flowers, leaves, etc., are among my favorite pieces to be commissioned to do!  Above is an image of a lion ring that I made for one of my clients.  She had her own stone, which is a green tourmaline, and wanted a lion ring… Read more »

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife with a Gift That She'll Love!

Shopping for a unique gift can be tricky, Whether she likes many things or is real picky! Now here’s a true story! Nick wanted to give his girlfriend special gift for Valentine’s day. Something thoughtful and definitely different from the usual gifts. He came to me with a natural oyster pearl! He told me the… Read more »