Repurposing Old Jewelry into Your Newest Wardrobe Staple [With Photos]

Wondering what to do with your beautiful but slightly outdated heirloom jewelry?

Most times, we keep them safe in our jewelry boxes, never to be seen again. Often times, the gems and diamonds in these antique pieces have great monetary value, but being able to transfer all of the sentimental value to a design that is custom made for you is priceless. That is where Cynthia Britt comes in.

As an award-winning custom jewelry designer, Cynthia’s talent lies in understanding her client and representing their entire persona and style in a piece that is just as unique as they are.

Repurposing Carolyn’s Heirloom Diamond Riviera Necklace

Cassidy’s mother, Carolyn, was looking to do just this when she came in with her mother’s diamond Riviera necklace. Her wish was to remove the stones from the necklace, and give half to each of her 2 daughters. Her daughter Cassidy’s wedding was approaching and Carolyn thought it would be the perfect gift.

Understanding Cassidy’s style:

Cynthia first asked for some pictures of Cassidy to get an idea of her style and her personality—similar to Cynthia’s custom-made engagement ring process. It was clear that Cassidy had a bohemian look, and needed a piece that was art-nouveau style with some movement, but also timeless due to the diamonds.


The challenge that Cynthia faced was in creating a design that was substantial enough to be worn for Cassidy’s wedding, but modest enough to be worn for other occasions as well.

Ultimately, Cynthia’s inspiration came from these pictures, and a swatch from Cassidy’s wedding dress.

Final Sketch

Cynthia designed a pair of earrings that incorporated every necessary detail, and Carolyn loved it!





Carolyn’s actual words were, “They really were so perfect and you were absolutely right about every single design decision!  You really are a magical genius.”






Cassidy’s family not only gained a pair of beautiful diamond earrings, but a new family heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come. We couldn’t be happier for them!


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