Heirloom Rings Turned Into Irish Clover Inspired Necklace

Diamond Clover Necklace Custom Made For Jaimee

Diamond Clover Necklace Custom Made For Jaimee

In life amidst constant change, some things remain forever, Jaimee to me with four beautiful heirloom diamond rings, her grandmothers and aunts’, all set with different size diamonds. Jaimee came in for a custom piece, a beautiful and unique request. She wanted to have the diamonds taken out, and have a necklace designed, Irish inspired with a clover motif in the design, so she could carry these dear women with her always.

Heirloom rings

Jaime Heirloom Rings Before

Jaimee has a timeless elegance–she’s like a breath of fresh air, tall and graceful, a happy lovely young lady full of life. We both wanted the necklace to have those wonderful qualities. The necklace had to be long, thin and delicate. Beyond that, we went over suggestions for the design and different styles of chain. Then Jaimee left, and I got to work encapsulating beauty and love in the perfect necklace.

I emailed my initial sketches to Jaimee. She loved it.

custom made necklace with heirloom diamonds

Irish Inspired Clover Necklace Design

Then I had my diamond setter take out all the diamonds, one of the diamonds had a chip. This can happen with older stones, but a little flaw doesn’t mean that a diamond has lost its sparkle. This stone was beautiful, I suggested that we have the diamond polished. This would get rid of the chip, strengthen the stone and give it a new shine. So I sent the diamond to the diamond polisher. Once I had it back, I measured all of the stones and did calculations for each one of the shapes that I had sketched.

Then I made each beautiful piece, one by one.

Once the necklace was ready, I emailed Jaimee and she came to pick it up immediately. She was so happy–these were five heirloom rings originally belonging to four different relatives, two of her grandmothers and two of her aunts. Jaimee’s mother had kept them for her and they were finally put into great use, all together, connected and linked through time.

Custom Made  Irish Inspired Clover Diamond Necklace

Jaimee Irish Inspired Clover Diamond Necklace

There are four main designs in the necklace. Each element is set with the center diamond from one of the rings. The two smaller diamonds in the swirl design opposite from the clover were from the large double diamond ring. I made a small setting next to the loop for the clasp and set the tiny diamonds from the rose ring in there.

The people we love never truly leave us, because they leave so much of themselves behind. Her grandmothers and aunts imbued Jaimee with so many gifts and so much love. In addition to all these wonderful things, they also left behind four lovely rings, which made a necklace that’s perfect for Jaimee. There is change in design, but also consistency in love and faith.

Some things remain forever.



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