Heirloom Cufflinks Re-Designed Into A Ring

Heirloom Cufflinks Re-Designed Into A RingI believe that a piece, in this case a ring,  should be custom made for the person’s hand, style and personality.  For my quest to find out about the person I’m making the ring for, I called Laura up.  After our conversation, I had an image of a slender lady, blonde hair, busy with two little kids (she told me about their children), no-nonsense style, straight forward but with an element of precision and crisp style.  Don’t ask me how.  She also explained to me that the cufflinks used to belong to her grandfather and one of the pieces was passed down to her as an heirloom piece.  She also explained that her grandfather had a simple and elegant style, unique to himself.  Laura wanted the cufflinks to be re-designed into a ring that she could wear every day.

Wax for Custom Made Jade Ring

So I took a ring wax and started carving a ring that would show all the images and descriptions I had in my head of Laura and her grandfather.  I knew I wanted to see a ring that looked very clean and simple from top, yet when it turned on its side, it showed an element of precision, crispness and  uniqueness.  Once I achieved carving what I envisioned, I took images of it and emailed it to Laura for her approval.  After she approved it, I had the wax casted into an 18k yellow gold ring set with Laura’s heirloom jade from her grandfather.

Gold and Jade Ring Custom Made

I met Laura for the first time when she came in with her two adorable children to pick up her ring.  She was the slender, blonde lady I had imagined with a no-nonsense elegant style.  The ring looked great on her beautiful long fingers.  I decided to name it the “Signe” ring. That’s Laura’s daughter’s name.  It’s a Swedish name and it’s also the name of Laura’s paternal grandmother.

Laura, enjoy your new beautiful ring and your grandfather’s heirloom jade.  Also, thank you for giving me the opportunity to re-design something new from something old and precious…just for you 🙂

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