Custom Restyling of Heirloom Jewelry

Custom Restyling Of Heirloom Jewelry

Heirloom Ring

Often we inherit jewelry that’s out-dated and not our style.  Most of the time it just sits in a drawer.  Some have sentimental value as they belonged to someone dear to us.  Some don’t have any sentimental value and they were received as a gift, but they have pretty gems that can be taken out and put in a new setting that’s more of our style.

Nairi inherited her mom’s white gold, sapphire and diamond ring.  It’s a sweet ring, but out-dated and definitely not Nairi’s style.  Yet she wanted to wear it as a sweet reminder of her mom.  So she asked me to take it apart and use its gems to make a new ring that’s more her style yet it would remind her of the original ring.   She also brought in a few loose diamonds that had fallen out of other old jewelry.

Some pieces of jewelry are not worth taking apart. That was the situation with this ring, so I suggested to first clean and polish the ring then add to it instead of taking it apart!  So I made two individual rings that can be worn in either side of the original sapphire ring, similar to the concept of ring jackets but in a very up-dated and trendy looking style.

Ring jackets

Ring jackets

Here are the ring jackets!  when worn individually, they look like rays of sunshine.  When all three rings are worn together, they appear to be one big ring.  The extensions on the new rings blend with the petals of the original ring and the placement of the diamonds match and complement the diamonds on the old ring.

Custom ring jackets

Three rings worn together

Here’s a side view of all three rings showing how the two new rings cascade down and sit beautifully on the finger.

Custom ring jackets

Top view of the three rings together

Call it a Starbust, call it Sun shine, best of all it’s mom’s ring worn and enjoyed Nairi’s way!

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