Challenges of Customizing Wedding Band to Match Engagement Ring

Although I absolutely enjoy every single piece of jewelry that I make, one of my favorites is the challenge of custom making and fitting a new piece that would nestle perfectly with an already existing piece of jewelry.  In this case, it’s custom making a diamond wedding band for a diamond engagement ring for a very attractive young lady who is already engaged.  Her beautiful diamond engagement ring has a princess cut diamond in the center and round brilliant cut diamonds on the sides.  Here’s the image:

Diamond engagement ring with princess cut diamond

The band needs to fit smoothly and elegantly next to the princess cut diamond and the sides need to flow evenly along with the diamonds on the engagement ring.  Also, when the band is worn on it’s own, it needs to have a beautiful presence.  Here’s the band:

The “Danielle” band, as I named it after it’s owner, Danielle, has a center that’s made in a certain height, angle, and length that fits against the straight angles of the princess cut, yet it gently tucks next to it, giving the princess cut the attention it deserves.  Then the side diamonds on the band, rise up to the height of the sides diamonds located on the engagement ring and flow down together in harmony.  There’s no unnecessary gap between the engagement ring and the band. The diamond band elegantly complements the engagement ring and makes the ring stand out and when it’s worn alone, the band makes it’s own statement on Danielle’s hand.  Thank you, Danielle, for giving me this beautiful challenge.  I absolutely enjoyed making your band, enjoy wearing it in happiness and health.  Cynthia

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