The princess cut diamond with its perfect square and geometric shape is definitely for a unique personality. Princess cut diamond looks great in a more contemporary style engagement ring. If you have a quiet and more private personality, the princess cut may not be the most suitable cut and style of diamond for you. As for hand structure, it usually looks best if your fingers line up straight next to each other and your finger tips have a more squared-off shape versus rounded.

The princess cut diamond is a very interesting cut, since it has the facets of a brilliant cut in a completely square shape. Unlike other brilliant cut diamonds, princess cuts somehow don’t show color as easily and inclusions are not easily seen either. The polish and symmetry are important. Since a princess cut diamond is supposed to be a perfect square, it should have a length to width ratio of 1.0 to 1.05.

If you’re not certain which geometric shape diamond is suitable for you, from the image of your hand, I can guide you and suggest the best diamond shapes for you. If princess cut is the ideal shape for you, then according to your budget, I will bring in suitable princess cut diamonds to look at and choose from. If carat weight is important for you, you can go slightly low on color and clarity, but don’t compromise on its polish and symmetry since that’s what gives a princess cut its fire and sparkle.

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