Top 2 Types of Diamonds Worth Knowing About and Investing In


We all know that round brilliant cut diamonds will always retain their value, but here at Cynthia Britt, we’re all about being unique and taking the road less traveled. That road is fancy blue and fancy pink diamonds.

Fancy Blue Diamonds

Did you know that fancy colored diamonds make up less than 0.01% of all mined diamonds? That’s 1 in every 10,000 diamonds. Natural blue diamonds make up an even smaller fraction of that percentage. The formation process takes hundreds of millions of years, and the blue color arises from the presence of boron deep within the floors of the earth’s ancient oceans. The presence of additional minerals can bring other colors to the diamond. These “additional” colors are referred to as buffers. For example, if a diamond has two colors in its name, the first color always refers to the buffer, and the second color refers to the true color. So when you see a grey-blue diamond, it is actually a blue diamond with a grey buffer.

Straight blue diamonds (those without buffers) are some of the rarest colored diamonds on the market. Their extreme rarity coincides with their high price tag, and as a result many of the “blue diamonds” on the market are simply treated white diamonds. Since stones with buffers are often much more affordable than those without, many people look into this avenue as a method of obtaining a fancy colored diamond. 

The largest factor in determining price is the saturation of the blue color—the darker the blue, the rarer and more expensive the diamond is. This image from the GIA website details the color grading of blue diamonds:

These diamonds are collectors items not only for their beauty, but for their security in resale. Most recently, a rare 20 carat blue diamond was found in Botswana, called the Okavango Blue, and will be entering the market for sale shortly.

At Cynthia Britt, you have access to natural fancy blue diamonds from all over the world. This, in combination with Cynthia’s unique talent, brings to life a new family heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come.

0.14 carat Pear Shaped Fancy Intense blue diamond accompanied with GIA certificate at Cynthia Britt.

Fancy Pink Diamonds

Similarly, pink diamonds are classified as some of the rarest fancy colored diamonds in the world. The cause of their unique color is less well known than that of blue diamonds, although the prevailing theory is that the color is caused by enormous amount of pressure during the diamond’s formation.

Pink diamonds follow a very similar grading pattern as blue diamonds, with the darkest pinks being the most expensive. 90% of the natural pink diamonds on the market come from the Argyle Mine in Australia. Of the the most famous pink diamonds in history, a 59.60 carat Fancy Vivid Pink diamond called the Pink Star, was recently sold at an auction in Hong Kong for $72 billion to Chow Tai Fook Enterprises.

Fancy Purplish Pink 0.40 carat Radiant Cut diamond accompanied with GIA certificate at Cynthia Britt.

Fancy Pink 0.19 carat Heart-shaped Argyle diamond, accompanied with GIA certificate, at Cynthia Britt

Here at Cynthia Britt, we have access to the best natural diamonds produced by the Argyle mine, such as this beautiful Fancy Purplish Pink 0.40 carat diamond, and Fancy Pink 0.19 carat Heart shaped diamond. Diamonds of this rarity are not subject to depreciation, and will likely increase in value after the impending close of the Argyle mine.

Despite their magnificence, pink diamonds don’t always have to be the center of attention! They can be used as side stones to adorn your center stone and give a unique and elegant pop of color.

Laurel’s beautiful ring, featuring a center 2.01 oval cut diamond and a halo of 22 fancy pink diamonds.


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