Gennie Custom Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

Gennie Custom Diamond Wedding Ring with 14K White Gold

Gennie Custom Diamond Wedding Ring

Here’s the story on how I came up with the concept for the Gennie custom wedding band:

When Genevieve contacted me for an appointment regarding her and her fiancé, Peter’s band, I started thinking about different designs that would be suitable for her and match her beautiful engagement ring.  I knew that I definitely didn’t want a curved band which left the option of a traditional straight band or something completely different.

Well, to me, Genevieve is a uniquely beautiful person so I aimed for the “different”.   I wanted a band that would curve along her engagement ring when worn together and gracefully lay on her finger when it’s worn alone.  A wedding ring that is complementary to the Genevieve engagement ring and complete and unique on its own.  So I decided to make individual bezels and connect them with small rings.  This would make the top of the ring very fluid and it would move to the shape and form of the engagement ring and it would have a solid band at the bottom.

Gennie Custom Diamond Wedding Ring to Match Engagement Ring

Gennie Custom Diamond Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

Here’s a close-up image of Genevieve’s hand wearing her engagement ring and matching custom made wedding band!  When the band is worn alone, the bezels move around and when it’s worn next to the engagement ring, it curves to the shape of the engagement ring.

Simply beautiful like her.  Enjoy your rings Genevieve!

The image is taken by the young talented photographer, Kaitlin Flood.

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