Cynthia Britt Custom Made Necklaces in Boston, MA

Cynthia Britt custom made necklace collection consists of pendants and hand made chain necklaces, masterfully designed and created by Cynthia Britt for their superior functionality for everyday wear and use. As with all Cynthia Britt custom made jewelry, each necklace is designed and made for a specific person. As the body moves, the necklace moves in synch because of its unique weight distribution through out the entire piece. The common problems of pendants turning and gemstones flipping are eliminated by careful calculation of every detail that goes into making of each specific necklace.

The handmade chain necklaces are made out of solid gold wire that is formed into the Cynthia Britt signature loop, then each loop is soldered one by one to form a necklace. Diamonds are set on both sides of the bezels. All pieces in the Cynthia Britt necklace collection are made to your order and they can be custom made in any metal and set with any desired gemstones. In addition, Cynthia Britt will design and create custom made necklaces and pendants for your specific needs.

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