The round brilliant cut diamond is the most classic shape diamond and it’s suitable for most hand shapes. Only if your finger tips are square, then I would recommend a different diamond shape that would be more complementary for your hand.

Round brilliant cut diamonds show color, but they don’t show inclusions easily because of their facets. You have a certain budget to spend, therefore, if you like a larger diamond, you can go a little lower in the clarity grading, as long as the inclusion is not eye visible, but don’t sacrifice color, since you’ll see it more easily. Another attribute that I highly recommend not sacrificing is the “Cut grade”. According to GIA, there are five cut grades and they range from Excellent to Poor. How a diamond is cut and polished directly effects the amount of sparkle and brilliance that comes off it. I personally recommend Cut grades “Excellent”, “Very good” and at least “Good”.

According to your budget, I will bring in loose GIA certified round brilliant cut diamonds to choose from. I will show you how to look at them with a loop and actually what to look for in each diamond according to their certificate. I will show you different carat weight diamonds with different clarity and color grades.

I believe the act of diamond picking should be fun, educational and enjoyable. I will guide you and give you all the information on each diamond that I bring in so you can choose with knowledge and confidence and know exactly what you’re getting. If this is a surprise engagement ring, as it’s the case with 95% of my clients, and you’re not certain what shape diamond to pick, just show me an image of your partner, preferably one with her hand in view, and I will guide you to what shape of diamond would look most suitable for her.

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