The emerald cut diamond is the most timeless and elegant shape diamond. If your finger tips are more squared off, if your fingers line up straight next to each other, or if you have a larger hand, emerald cut diamond is a suitable shape for you. It’s also a matter of personality, if you want quiet elegance, then the emerald cut is perfect for you.

Emerald cut diamonds somehow don’t show color the way round brilliant cut diamonds do. However, they show inclusions very easily. My advice would be not to sacrifice the clarity and definitely don’t sacrifice the shape proportion. What makes an emerald cut diamond have a beautiful shape and ideal proportion is its length to width ratio. First thing that you’ll notice, when you compare emerald cut diamonds, is their overall shape. There are narrow emerald cuts, perfect rectangular emerald cuts and more square looking emerald cut diamonds. A beautiful rectangular emerald cut diamond will have a length to width ratio of 1.36 to 1.44, with the most perfect at 1.4. Above 1.5 ratio, the diamond starts looking narrow and it may not show its weight. Below 1.3 ratio, the diamond starts looking more square. The perfectly proportioned 3.64 carat emerald cut diamond in the above image, has measurements of 10.18 x 7.23. When you divide its length 10.18 by its width 7.23, you get exactly 1.4.

These guidelines for ratios, color and clarity for emerald cut diamonds are set by GIA. Beauty is subjective, but it always helps to compare. When I bring in loose emerald cut diamonds for you to look at, given your budget, I always bring in ideal proportions and as for color, clarity and carat weight, I’ll bring different combinations so you can choose from.

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