Matching Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Choosing the right wedding ring is very important.  For ladies, you are going to wear your wedding band everyday, but you may not wear your engagement ring everyday.  For men, that’s one ring and probably most important piece of jewelry that you’ll always wear, so make sure you love it!

Couples sometimes ask me if their bands should match.  That’s really up to you, it’s a personal choice.  For ladies what determines the style of the wedding band, is the design of the engagement ring and that in turn will determine if you can have a matching matching band for him.

If your engagement ring is a solitaire, then you’re open to a wide range of wedding bands and in that case, if you want, you can have matching bands!

Matching Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Matching Wedding Rings for Bride and Groom

Here’s Adarsh and Mithila’s matching wedding bands.  Mithila has a solitaire engagement ring and they both wanted matching wedding bands that are very unique in design.

Mithila’s hand structure needs a ring that is clean and structured in design with a good balance of diamonds and some metal showing.  What I suggested to do is to put the diamonds on the edge of the wedding ring.

Below is a side view:

Mithila Matching Wedding Band

Mithila Matching Wedding Band Side View

Each diamond is prong set in a square motif and the squares continue all the way around.  They are the Cynthia Britt “Chocolate Squares”. By continuing the squares, it’s an eternity band without having to put diamonds all the way around, which makes it more economical when you have a certain budget. To give it that clean look, I made an edge on the other side of the chocolate squares.  So one side is “Chocolate Squares” and the other side is smooth metal. The Mithila wedding ring can be worn with the diamonds next to the engagement ring or with the diamonds facing the opposite direction.  Once thing that’s very important, when the ring is worn alone, it looks great and complete! It’s a very rich look.

For a matching band for Adarsh, I took the “Chocolate Square” design option from Mithila’s band and made a more masculine version of it.  Below is the picture:

The “Chocolate Squares” are slightly different and the grooves separating them, don’t go all the way down like Mithila’s.  Even though they are matching bands, it one has its own character and individuality!

And here’s a top view:

Adarsh Mens Platinum Wedding Band Custom Made

Adarsh Wedding Band Top View

The smooth band section is slightly rounded to match the rounded edges of the “Chocolate Squares”.  I also made it comfort fit.

A masculine look yet very refined and very unique!

Matching bands are not for every body, but if you’re interested, I can take one design element from the ladies wedding band and make a masculine version of it.  A band that has its own character with a reminiscence of its matching pair!

Enjoy your wedding bands!

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