How to Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife with a Gift That She'll Love!

Shopping for a unique gift can be tricky,
Whether she likes many things or is real picky!
Now here’s a true story!

Nick wanted to give his girlfriend special gift for Valentine’s day. Something thoughtful and definitely different from the usual gifts. He came to me with a natural oyster pearl! He told me the story how he had gone to dinner with his girlfriend to Island Creek Oyster Bar. As all locals know, the Oyster Bar is in Kenmore Square. It was a crowded night, very usual of the place, but luckily they were able to get a seat and order their dinner. While they were eating, Nick almost broke his tooth as he chewed on a natural oyster pearl that was in his oyster sandwich! At first, he didn’t think much of it! He had a tough week and a difficult day, so accidentally chewing on a white pebble looking thing and almost breaking his tooth wasn’t amusing at all!

Later on, he realized that he has a rare natural pearl, as oysters pearls don’t happen that often! So he decided to make something with it, preferably a pendant which would represent not only their time together but also their ritual of going to the same restaurant quite often.

He showed me his girlfriend’s images and said that she would want something that she could wear everyday and it would have an organic look to it!

We tossed a few ideas together and decided the design would be some kind of a shell. Once I started thinking about the design, I decided to make a circular shell with a slightly diagonal top that would be the hidden bale.

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife
Within the shell, I carved grooves so that they would get darken ( oxidized) in time and the pearl would have more of a pop to it.

Here’s the image of the finished piece with a beautiful 20 inch long sterling silver chain!

How to Surprise Your Girlfriend or Wife
The result is a very stylish, timeless and most importantly a very unique gift that will always have a very special meaning!

We can’t all find a rare oyster pearl to make a special pendant, but a custom made piece, one that has a special meaning for her, will always be a unique gift, something meaningful that she’ll always remember and love!

A thoughtful gift sure says “I love you!”

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