Estate and Outdated Jewelry – Repair or Recycle?

Heirloom Estate and Outdated Jewelry Repair or Recycle

Repaired Diamond and Turquoise ring

How do you know when if you should repair an old ring or take it apart and make something new with its gems?

The answer not only is very subjective, it also depends on the style/condition of the piece and even how it was received!  For example, above is the image of a beautiful antique ring, more than hundred years old.  It has an antique gorgeous Persian Turquoise in the middle, surrounded by large and very white old-mine cut diamonds.  The center section, where the diamonds are set, is made of two parts; top part where the diamonds are is made of silver and under the silver is 18k rose gold.

This mix of silver and gold was very typical of that era.  It also has a rose gold band.  This ring is gorgeous!  It’s a very elegant and timeless design that sits at a low profile on the finger, there really is no need to change the shape.  The diamonds are held by a silver bezel on the outer edge and tiny bead prongs in between the diamonds.  The problem with this ring was that the silver section was worn out, and I lost a diamond because of that.

Silver is not a strong metal, so the bead prongs in between the diamonds were worn.  Best way to repair it, first I replaced the old mine cut diamond that fell out, bezel set it, and then built up the silver on the little individual bead prongs with laser!  All the diamonds are secure and no need to get into the cost of remaking the entire top and then re-setting of all the diamonds.

On the other hand, you might have an engagement ring that is out-dated.  Over the years, your style and taste have evolved, but the ring has stayed the same.  that’s a fine example, when you can take out the stones and make a brand new setting using your own diamonds and gems.

This would also be the case for odds and ends jewelry that you have collected over the years.

If you have rings and/or earrings, specially with precious gems such as diamonds, sapphires, etc., it may be worth while to take all the gems out and design a new necklace for them.  It’s worth it to spend on some labor and new gold to have a piece that otherwise you would have had to spent a lot more money for a brand new one!

Wear and enjoy your jewelry everyday!

I took the picture of this ring with these jeans, to show a very old ring that is newly repaired and still looks old on a pair of brand new jeans that are re-done to look old!

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