Everything You Need To Know About Custom Jewelry

There are millions of ready-made jewelry out there, sitting in showcases.  From the most inexpensive, and mainstream to the high end and unusual.  So why buy custom made jewelry — something that doesn’t exist!

It’s the thought!  The thought of having something meaningful and unique.  The thought that you put in to give a gift that captures the essence of your loved one.

Q. What makes people not think of custom made jewelry, specially when it comes to timeless and meaningful purchases such as engagement rings, wedding rings, anniversary gifts, gifts for mom and etc..?

One reason is you might think it’s more expensive to buy custom made rather than ready-made.  Another reason is that not everyone is visual.  You have an idea of what you want, but you don’t know exactly what it is until you see it.

Here’s everything you need to know about how I make custom jewelry.  From a single thought on your mind to an actual piece in your hands.

I only make custom jewelry.  I have a private office, not a jewelry store and I don’t sell retail.  To answer your first question about cost, and I only speak for myself, a custom made piece, from me, will be less than a ready-made piece with the same superior quality.  The quality that I’m comparing it to is high-end manufacturers such as Cartier.

I’ll answer your question about not being visual more in depth by giving you an example:

Let’s say the gift that you’re giving is a surprise engagement ring, and I give you the example of a surprise engagement ring only because a surprise gift is more difficult to make than a self purchase, where I have the chance to see you and ask you what you like and don’t like.  Also an engagement ring is a very emotional purchase and one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry you’ll have.

The first thing that I find out is what gem you want for the center stone and its shape.  Then I ask for a picture of the person for whom I’m going to make the piece for.  It’s the picture that shows me the style, the personality and the physical structure of the person.  I can’t ask your significant other if he/she wants engraving or diamonds, intricate and romantic versus clean and no-nonsense.  However, I see all this from the picture.  We all have a gift, and this is my gift.  I don’t just sketch designs of what I want.  I design what I see most suitable and complementary for the person in the picture.  This is why you don’t need to be visual or know exactly what you want.  All I need is your thought and a few specifications and I’ll visualize it and bring it to life for you.

Q. Do I provide certified diamonds and any colored gemstones?

Yes! In the case of an engagement ring, the biggest cost is the center stone.  It’s my mission to bring you and connect you to your requested loose diamonds and colored gems and to educate and show everything about them so you know exactly what you’re buying.  Because of the custom nature of my work, I can get any GIA certified diamond and any colored gemstone and because I don’t own them, I don’t sell at retail prices.  This is the biggest reason why custom made with me is less expensive than a ready-made piece at it’s equivalent quality.

Q. How do I price?

I work with your budget.  I ask you to give me a range, a high and a low.  Based on your budget, I first bring in loose diamonds or any requested gems for you to see and compare.  Once you pick out the center stone, based on your specifications, I sketch designs that would capture the essence of the person in the picture using the chosen gems.  Any design that I sketch will be within your budget and I will give you a ballpark estimate of the cost.

Once you choose a design, then I start making your piece.  I’ll show you a wax model first.  Once you approve the wax, then I cast it in your desired metal and have it set with your chosen gems.

Q. How long does it take?

It depends on how complicated the piece is.  Once you approve the design and I start on it, for a simple piece it will be about 2 weeks. Engagement rings take about 4 weeks and larger pieces such as necklaces will take about 6 to 8 weeks.

Q. Can I use my own stones?

Definitely!  Come in with your own gems and I’ll gladly work with them.  Also, you may have inherited an heirloom piece, which is outdated.  I’ll gladly re-style it into a new piece that’s more your style and you’ll wear and enjoy it.

Whatever your thought is, it is my mission to make a dream piece literally tailor-made for your or your loved one!  It’s truly a unique gem and jewelry shopping experience.  A journey that my clients call it “fun”!

Here’s an example, when I first showed loose certified fancy yellow diamonds to choose from:

Fancy Yellow Diamond Options

Linda Fancy Yellow Diamond Options

Once the diamond was chosen, I sketched designs that captured her personality.  This was the chosen design:

Jewelry designer boston

Linda Ring Design

Here’s the ring made into reality, Linda Engagement Ring!

Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Linda Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

This is example of someone who already had her diamonds.  These are the heirloom rings, which we took out the diamonds from:

Restyling of heirloom jewelry

Caroline Heirloom Rings

This client actually came in and she wanted an engagement ring that was clean and intricate at the same time.  My inspiration for her was a fairy:

Engagement Ring Design

Caroline Engagement Ring Design

Here’s Caroline Engagement Ring with fairy wings on the sides of the middle basket and matching engraving on the band:

Yellow Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring

Caroline Yellow Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring Side View

Yellow Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring

Caroline Yellow Gold Three Stone Engagement Ring Top View

Here’s an example of his and her’s wedding bands, featuring Elizabeth Gold Diamond wedding band made in my signature 14k peach gold and Nils Hand Engraved Gold Wedding band in my signature green gold alloy:

His and Hers Wedding Bands

Elizabeth and Nils Wedding Bands

Here’s are before and after images of hand made curved diamond wedding band for Sophia Curved Diamond Wedding band :

hand made curved wedding band

Sophia Hand Made Wedding Band in Making

Curved Diamond Wedding Band

Sophia Curved Diamond Wedding Band Completed

Here’s an example of Men’s wedding band in platinum, This is David Platinum Wedding band:

Designer Men's Platinum Wedding Band

David Platinum Wedding Band

Here’s an example of a nature inspired pendant which I made in yellow, green, rose and white gold, for customer’s own Citrine which she had purchased from H. Stern. The chain is my hand made link necklace which can be custom ordered in your desired metal and color.

Sculptured Jewelry

Butterfly and Rose Pendant

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