Ester Exposito & Cynthia Britt Jewelry

In the July 2020 digital edition of Glamour, Mexico, a few of our designs graced the world modeled by the beautiful, talented, Spanish actress, Ester Exposito. In her own words, the star of the Netflix original series, Elite, speaks to Glamour at her photoshoot about her evolution as both an actress and as a woman about what the future holds for her. Stylist Victor Blanco (Instagram: @victorblancostudio) reached out to us at Cynthia Britt all the way from Madrid for inspiration for Ester Exposito’s photoshoot in order to find jewelry to compliment this intriguing young woman. Discover a more in-depth look at our feminine, classic, and timeless earrings featured in this shoot below.

Diamond And Turquoise Drop Earrings

Dazzling with diamonds, our Turquoise drop earrings are fashioned from 14K white gold. Another row of diamonds wraps around twenty carats of custom cut turquoise creating a Faberge Egg style look perfect for a unique ‘Something Blue’ for brides-to-be. As the ultimate precious and yet unassuming gemstone, these turquoise earrings can add a burst of color to any daytime or nighttime look. You can even dress up your most favorite sweater on a cozy night in with these earrings or have them compliment a designer silk-blend sweater like the one created by designer Alberto Ferreti just as Esther Exposito models above. The surrounding diamonds form a protective bond with both a feminine silhouette and a majestic appeal perfect to style any wedding look and classic enough to want to wear every day afterward just to celebrate life’s magic.

Rose Gold Britt Hoops

While hoop earrings are considered one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry,  our medium-sized, 14K Rose Gold Britt Hoop Earrings never truly go out of style. Timelessly elegant, rose gold can be considered to be the most feminine of all precious metals. Hoop earrings represent life’s eternal circle encompassing lessons from our pasts, hopes for our futures, and appreciation for the present. At first glance, these hoop earrings may seem minimalist, but they each hold one of our flower bead designs at the very top. These hoops can be fashioned from any metal of your choice or with a smaller or larger setting than the two-inch diameter of our medium size featured above.

Britt Flower Gold Hoops

Inspired by nature in full bloom, our 18K Flower Gold Hoop Earrings demonstrate the important details of a much bigger picture. Our signature flower bead design is seen using only metals rather than gemstones to create a regal but dainty design. Our flower beads can be duplicated into any ring, necklace, or bracelet with any metal or stone you desire. The flower design is perfect to bring both a feminine touch and a sense of optimism to any daytime or nighttime look. Esther Exposito demonstrates that these earrings can be styled to match everything from a classic designer piece such as the Celine blouse or even the more casual pair of Levi jeans she is styled with here in Glamour. Our yellow gold flower bead earrings can easily transition from an every day, go-to accessory to an elegant flash of class on a night out.

There is no greater compliment to any artist than someone else who truly appreciates their work. Here at Cynthia Britt, we understand that everyone is an artist and life is a show we all take part in. Are you looking for even more unparalleled designs to bring out the best in your own personal style? Feel free to browse our full inventory at or call us at 857-239-9885 to create a work of art as unique as you are.

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