Disney Inspired Custom Made Wedding Band for a Modern Day Princess

As a custom made jewelry designer, I get every kind of a request!  One of my favorite ones is J’aimie’s wedding ring.  A few months ago I received an email from Dan, J’aimie’s fiancé, asking me if I would make a wedding band that would look like Rapunzel’s wedding ring from the Disney movie’s “Tangled”.  It’s an adorable wedding ring design from a very delightful movie in which princess Rapunzel is going to get married, until the thief shows up and all the adventures begin.  This movie is very special to both Dan and J’aimie.

Once I saw the image of the wedding ring and watched a little bit of the movie, which Dan had attached to his email, I knew I definitely wanted to make it!!

When Dan and J’aimie came over, I had to take all the measurements of J’aimie’s engagement ring.  The challenge was that I needed to keep the design similar to Rapunzel’s ring while tweeking it just enough to match J’aimie’s engagement ring design, also making sure it fits next to her engagement ring comfortably, all this without having J’aimie’s ring with me!

I sat there for some time taking every measurement.  Once I had all the information that I needed, I started on my adventure of Disney inspired Rapunzel’s wedding ring for J’aimie!  We also needed to pick gems, so I sent images of different stones to J’aimie and she picked Aquamarines and diamonds.  Two magical stones perfect for a fair tale ring!

Disney Inspired Custom Made Wedding Band for a Modern Day Princess

J’aimie Wedding ring side view

When J’aimie and Dan came to pick up the ring, they were my first customers to come in my new office.  A perfect way for me to start work at my new place.  Here are some of the images that J’aimie took from her Disney inspired wedding rings:

Wedding Ring Inspired by Disney Movie Tangled

J’aimie’s hand wearing her wedding ring

Disney Inspired Custom Made Wedding Band for Modern Day Princess

J’aimie wearing her rings

Wedding Ring and Engagement Ring Inspired by Princess Rapunzel

J’aimie wearing her rings

And here’s us having fun!

Disney Inspired Wedding Band for a Modern Day Princess

J’aimie and I

J’aimie, I love your wedding ring!  It’s sweet, timeless, magical and dreamy just like you!

Love you both!

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Beautiful!! It’s what I’ve been looking for, just maybe a little more like the actual one. How much would a ring like this cost, and is there a way to order one? Thank you!!


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