Custom Making a Wedding Ring to Match Engagement Ring

I love designing and custom making wedding rings!  It’s different from engagement rings in the sense that now I have something to match and fit the ring to.

Emma came in for a custom made engagement ring that would be nature inspired, something that would incorporate leaves and it would be made in rose gold.  Below is the image of the engagement ring that I made for her:

Emma Engagement Ring Cynthia Britt Custom Jewelry

Emma Engagement Ring

I made the band for the engagement ring with raised oval shaped bubbles, made from solid gold, all the way around.  Next, I made two leaves, overlapping each other and soldered them on either side of the center diamond, on top of the oval bubbles.  When I’m making an engagement ring, I always calculate how the wedding band would fit next to it.   In this case, the bubbles are raised and rounded on top, but they are contained in one uniform plane, making it possible for its matching band to sit flush next to it.

Emma Wedding Band

Emma Wedding Ring

Next, came the wedding ring which needed to match and complement Emma’s engagement ring. I made Emma’s wedding ring same design as the band on her engagement ring, with individual raised and rounded oval bubbles attached together.  Here’s a look at the side view of the wedding ring:

Emma Wedding Band by Cynthia Britt

Emma Wedding Ring Side View

The two rings sit flush together, with the wedding ring complementing the engagement ring.  Also, when worn alone, the wedding band has its own beautiful presence!  A very fun and elegant wedding ring to match Emma’s nature inspired engagement ring!

Here’s an image of Emma’s hand wearing both of her rings:

Emma Wearing Custm Made Engagement and Wedding Rings

Emma Wearing Her Rings

Congratulations to a beautiful couple! Find more Wedding pictures of Emma and Steven here.

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