Custom Making of Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring for Lori

Happy, bright, romantic, elegant, classic and interesting is what Lori’s ring is about!

Lori’s fiancé-to-be wanted to surprise Lori with an engagement ring that has a round brilliant cut diamond in the center.  I brought in a few brilliant cut diamonds with different qualities.  Matt picked out the best, a 1.04 carat diamond with an excellent cut grade and G/VS2 color and clarity, GIA certified.  Once the diamond was picked out,  I asked for images of Lori, so I can design the perfect ring for her.

When I saw Lori’s images, I saw someone who’s happy, romantic, concerned, and sees the small beautiful details in life!  This is one beautiful and rich personality and now I’m trying to design a ring that shows all these qualities.  One thing I knew for sure is that the ring needed side diamonds and some kind of an engraving.  I drew and re-drew many times and then once I thought I have it, I started making it, that’s when the final idea hit me and yes, I changed it again.  Looking back, I think it took me a week of changing!!  The trust and freedom that Matt gave to create what I see fit, is what also made me strive for perfection even more!

Once the ring was done and the diamonds were set, I gave it to my engraver.  I asked him to create an engraving that at a glance, looks like the shimmer of diamonds.  This was for the detailed work that I wanted to achieve!!  Here are some more images:

Custom Making of Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring for Lori

Lori Engagement Ring Side view

The side view shows how I curved the prongs into the base of the basket for a clean look.

Lori Custom Made Engagement Ring Showing Engraving

Lori Engagement Ring Showing Engraving

Here’s a close look at the engraving created for Lori!

Matt and Lori just got engaged!!  Congratulations to an incredibly loving couple!

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