Behind the Scenes Look At Making A Pearl Engagement Ring

pearl and diamond engagement ring

Pearl Engagement Ring Design


A very unique engagement ring is the chosen design for Ana’s engagement ring! I have not met Ana nor her fiancé who asked me to design a very unique surprise engagement ring with a center pearl, as they live out-of-state and they were a referral from another customer. Although, I will write the beautiful story for this ring in my blog section, here’s a behind the scenes look at how I made a pearl and diamond engagement ring, step by step taking you from an initial sketch to the final ring!

The concept of this ring is that the pearl sits on a wave and gets crowned with a halo! All of my wave designs, I carve them from wax and I do all the adjustments while wearing the wax. I first found an appropriate Japanese cultured Akoya pearl, then according to its measurements I started carving the wax. Here’s the image as I just start carving:

wave ring

Start Of Carving The Wave

Once I finish carving it, I will post its image along with the pearl sitting on the wax! Stay tuned..

Two days later,

I finished carving the wax for Ana’s ring. Here’s the pearl that I picked out:


Cultured pearl

Japanese Akoya Cultured Pearl

Here’s my carved wave ring:

Hand made pearl ring

Finished Carved Wax

Hand made pearl ring

Finished Wax With Pearl

Once I finish carving the main form, I then start curving and shaping all of the angles while I’m wearing the ring. This gives the final piece a very fluid look and makes the ring very comfortable to wear.  As you can see in the image without the pearl, I have prepared the cup that the pearl will sit in. I’m going to cast the wax in 18k yellow gold and then hand make the halo separately. I’ll be back once I have all the metal work done!


Now I have all the pieces in 18k yellow gold. I had my carved wax cast in 18k yellow gold and I made the halo separately also in 18k yellow gold. Here’s the ring on my hand:

Pearl engagement ring in yellow gold

Wave Ring With Halo In Yellow Gold

I did the measurements so that the diamonds on the halo will be same size as the diamonds on the band. Now I’m going to take it to my diamond setter and then the polisher for its last polish and I’ll be back with the finished ring.


Here it is, Ana’s beautiful diamond halo and pearl engagement ring all completed:

Pearl And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring

Ana Pearl And Diamond Halo Engagement Ring


Here’s a quick shot I took on my hand before shipping it. The curves hug the finger and the ring sits very comfortably on.

Pearl and Diamond Halo Wave Ring

Pearl and Diamond Halo Wave Ring

From an initial thought to a sketch to a beautifully done finished piece, this is how Ana’s ring was made!



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