About Cynthia Britt | Designer And Creator Of Custom Jewelry

Cynthia Britt custom jewelry designer, in Boston, MA, specializes in custom engagement rings unique wedding rings, re-mounting of your diamond, custom restyling of heirloom jewelry, diamond jewelry, anniversary rings, engagement rings for men and hand made chains.

Cynthia Britt is Boston’s best kept secret for buying loose diamonds and gems without paying retail prices.  She provides loose certified diamonds and any requested gems and gives unbiased information and knowledge so you know exactly what you’re buying.

With Cynthia Britt, you work directly with the designer and creator of your custom jewelry. She first sketches designs that are suitable for your hand, style, chosen gem and ultimately your budget. Once you choose a design, she makes a wax model for trial and fit. Once you approve the model, she will  then make the final piece of jewelry in your desired metal and set it with your desired gems. Cynthia Britt also creates unique wedding rings to perfectly match your engagement ring.

Cynthia Britt can turn your out-dated jewelry into pieces that are to your taste and style, so you can wear and enjoy them.  Whether you are re-mounting your diamond in a new piece or you’re having your existing jewelry re-styled, Cynthia Britt will custom design and create a stunning piece of jewelry that is perfect for you.

Cynthia Britt provides a unique diamond and jewelry shopping experience.  Her office is a very comfortable and private environment where you get to look at gems and go over designs without ever feeling rushed or pressured.  According to her customers, it’s a very “fun” process where she will create a completely unique look for you based on your thoughts, style and specifications.  Why float in the mainstream when you can show your unique individuality!

From a single desire to your Dream Ring — That’s Cynthia Britt’s Mission!

Cynthia Pischdotchian, designer, goldsmith and wax carver for Cynthia Britt, is no accidental artist. Her father, a prominent Armenian architect, was one of the architects’ to the Queen and royal family of Iran. Her mother, an international fine artist and graphic designer, was the owner of a leading graphic design company. Cynthia is also a descendant of knighted Sirs from both sides of her family. Cynthia, first completed her formal education at Boston University as a computer engineer. Then, she moved to Los Angeles. After several years working in the engineering field, she decided to pursue her long time wish, passion and gift in designing and creating jewelry. She attended Hazeltine School of Fine Jewelry Crafting, where she graduated with a certificate in jewelry manufacturing.

The sources of inspiration that have a direct influence on the unique style of Cynthia Britt’s collection, are as follows. Cynthia grew up surrounded by family members who exposed her to their own finely crafted jewels and heirloom pieces. Her travels to different countries in Europe have exposed her to the innovative and creative European jewelry designers. However, when making a custom made piece, the source of inspiration for Cynthia is the person whom she’s designing for. The personality and style of each unique individual is what dictates the design of each unique custom made piece.