A Unique Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Linda has long fingers, a ring with a little bit of a width will be most suitable for her hand versus a thin band.  However, it needs to have a refined shape and design…nothing bulky!

For center stone, she was interested in either a blue sapphire or a fancy yellow diamond against her skin tone, versus a traditional colorless diamond.  I brought in a cushion cut blue sapphire and a few fancy yellow diamonds to choose from.  Once Linda put the loose gems on her finger, the fancy yellow diamond was the winner.  Here’s an image of the three different fancy yellow diamonds:

Linda Engagement Ring Fancy Yellow Diamonds

Fancy Yellow Diamonds

I brought in an oval and two radiant cut fancy yellow diamonds to see which shape is the most suitable for her hand.  My suggestion was a radiant cut, and she did like it also!  The fancy yellow diamond which Linda picked is a 2.35 carat radiant cut with VVS1 clarity!  Once the center diamond was chosen, I started looking at different options for side stones.  I picked out 4 choices that would complement the center diamond and suit Linda’s hand shape.

Linda Engagement Ring Side Diamond Options

Side Diamond Options

Three of the four choices were colorless fancy cut diamonds: A pair of radiant cuts, left side, a pair of shield cuts, center, and a pair of half moons, right side.  The forth choice was to put small round brilliant cut fancy yellow diamonds on either side of the center stone.  The reason that I suggested round versus small squares was to soften the overall shape of the ring.  Linda picked the small round brilliant cut fancy yellow diamonds from the 4 choices.


Now that I had all of the diamonds, I began sketching designs.  Here’s the final design:

Linda Engagement Ring Final Sketch

Linda Engagement Ring Final Sketch

The center diamond would be in an 18k yellow gold basket.  Each small brilliant cut diamond would be prong set in individual shapes that would overlap each other ever-so-slightly to show minimum yellow gold.  Although in the sketch the entire band is two tone, I made the bottom overlapping shapes in platinum.  My idea was to start the ring at the bottom in platinum and as the band rises up towards the center, the 18k yellow gold designs are placed within the platinum and the platinum rises up with the yellow gold like a frame, giving the ring a refined width.  The ring finishes up in the center in solid 18k yellow gold.  It’s the transition of metals and color from platinum to platinum and gold, ending in all gold.

Linda Engagement Ring Right Side View

Right Side View

This image shows how the center yellow gold section rises up towards the center and the platinum forms a frame around it!

Another design element that I added at the bottom is that I continued the same overlapping shapes that the individual yellow diamonds are set in, but I added arrow details to them making the bottom section look like tiny arrows going towards the yellow diamonds.

Linda Engagement Ring Bottom Details

Bottom Details

Needless to say, this ring took the longest time to make!  I told Linda, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I sketched the design on paper, because making it was certainly a long journey of numerous calculations and re-calculations to fit all the pieces together correctly and beautifully.  What made it possible was Linda”s and her fiancé’s complete trust in me to make what I envisioned for Linda, which really made me strive for excellence more and more and their willingness to wait for quite some time for me to finish this ring!!

Congratulations to a beautiful couple!  You are both an absolute pleasure to work with!!

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