4 Quick Steps That Will Save Your Pearls!

4 Quick Steps That Will Save Your PearlsPearls are a result of a natural living organism and have a porous surface, unlike gems which are results of minerals present in the earth. In order to avoid scratching and dulling of the pearl’s skin, (its nacre) :

1. Keep your pearl necklace in a box separate from every other piece of jewelry

If you don’t have a box, here’s what to do: Open the clasp, lay the necklace flat on a paper towel, then roll the paper towel with the strand in it until the pearls are completely covered with the paper towel. Fold the paper towel wrapped necklace in half and put it in a pouch or somewhere where they can stay stationary.
Reason: When pearls rub against each other, their nacre gets dull.

2. Never put pearls exposed with other pieces of jewelry

Reason: Metal and gems scratch the surface of the pearls.

3. When wearing perfume, first put your perfume on then wear your pearls

Reason: The acid from the perfume damages the nacre.

4. When wearing lotion, first wear your pearls then put lotion on your hands

Reason: Lotion dulls the nacre of the pearls. This happens a lot with earrings.

Wear and enjoy your pearls!

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