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Platinum Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

Laura Platinum Oval Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring

James from Manchester, England, not only asked me to find him an appropriate diamond, he also asked me to custom make an engagement ring.

It all began when James called me from England looking for an oval cut diamond that would be between 1.0 to 1.5 carat. He had found me from a Google search under custom made engagement rings in Boston. He explained that he was going to be in Boston on a specific date, therefore he wanted to first buy the diamond and then have me make the engagement ring so that it will be ready for when he arrives.

All of the same considerations apply when you’re purchasing online but a few additional services I provide can help you see the diamond and understand every detail about it.

In James’s case, he knew he wanted an oval shape diamond and a custom made solitaire platinum ring. He had also done his research and knew he wanted a high color and high clarity according to GIA grading. Given his criteria and budget, I started looking for appropriate diamonds. Once I found it, in order to provide the same service as if he were actually in my office looking at the loose diamond, I took an image of it on my hand. I emailed the image of the diamond along with a scanned copy of its GIA certificate.

loose diamonds for engagement ring

Oval Cut Diamond

James loved the diamond. Once he saw the image and I explained in detail all the information that appeared on its GIA certificate, he knew exactly what he was getting and purchased the diamond over the phone.

A good tip when buying a diamond online is to educate yourself about the 4C’s ( cut, clarity, color, and carat ), and then based on your budget determine which diamond qualities are most important to you. One of the most helpful methods is to see the diamond on an actual hand with the image taken in natural light without any special effects or backgrounds.  You’ll see its shape and the space that it covers on the finger. Understanding the information stated on the certificate is also very helpful in knowing what you’re getting. These steps are what made it easy for James to purchase the diamond with confidence.

In regards to the setting, he wanted the ring to be all about the diamond. Showing maximum metal — as if the diamond was sitting on the finger. In order to figure out the correct width and height for the band section of the ring, I asked James to send me a snapshot of his girlfriend, Laura’s hand.

Custom engagement ring designer

Image Of Laura’s Hand


Given Laura’s elongated, beautiful hand shape and the measurements of the diamond, I calculated just the right amount of width and height for the band section of the ring and I made the base of the basket, where it attaches to the band, as small as possible. This way, I can put the prongs in a deep angle so they are visible from the top and then they disappear, tucked into the base of the basket. The prongs are also very refined and beautifully proportioned to the oval diamond.

Oval cut solitaire engagement ring

Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring, Top View

Laura’s solitaire engagement ring from the top view is all about the center diamond. The setting gives the stone a pop and brings out its beauty.

Laura Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring

Laura Oval Solitaire Engagement Ring, Perspective

platinum solitaire oval cut diamond engagement ring

Side View

James flew in on his scheduled date from England and came in next morning. He loved the ring and expressed how the diamond looked even more beautiful and sparkly than the pictures.


shopping diamond online

James In My Office Picking Up Laura’s Surprise Engagement Ring

James definitely took the online shopping to another level and set new standards for a jet setter!

Not everyone flies in to pick up their ring. Below are just a few examples of surprise engagement rings that I have made for clients who live outside of Massachusetts, and whom I haven’t met!

two tone fancy yellow engagement ring

Adenike Fancy Yellow Two Tone Engagement ring

I custom made the above ring for Adenike who lives in New York. The center fancy yellow diamond is Adenike’s own and she mailed it for me to custom make a surprise engagement ring for her. I designed and made this ring based on a conversation I had on the phone and the images she sent to me of her hand and herself.

platinum vintage inspired engagement ring

Lauren Cushion Cut Engagement ring

I supplied the diamond and custom made the above ring for Lauren who lives in DC. This is a surprise engagement ring that I made for Lauren based on my phone conversations with her fiancé and her images. I helped her fiancé pick out the cushion cut diamond same exact way as in James’s case, with images of different diamonds on my hand and giving full knowledge and understanding of the information on each diamond’s GIA certificate.

pearl and diamond engagement ring

Ana Pearl And Diamond Engagement Ring

I custom made the above ring for Ana who lives in North Carolina. This was a surprise engagement ring. Her fiancé was recommended to me by another client for whom I have a beautiful solitaire engagement ring with Colombian emerald. Her fiancé asked for one of my wave rings with a center pearl and diamonds.

Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

Kim Emerald Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring

I supplied the diamond and made the above solitaire engagement ring for Kim who lives in Ohio. Kim is a long time client for whom I have made a few pieces all based on conversations we’ve had, knowing what she likes and dislikes and her hand image. This is one of the latest pieces, where I helped her pick out this beautiful 2+ carat emerald cut diamond and then made her solitaire ring.

For each ring, we started with the center stone. Given their criteria and budget, I first looked for appropriate stones and sent images of the stone along with the image of their GIA certificate. Once the client fully understood the stone and approved it, I sketched a suitable design that was complementary to the stone, hand structure and client’s style. Once the sketch was approved, I figured a cost estimate and then made the ring. Once completed, I sent an image of the final ring and then shipped it fully insured to the client.

When shopping online for diamonds and gems know exactly what you’re getting and when shopping with me for diamonds and custom made pieces know you will be getting the same service as if you were sitting in my office — an experience that’s stress-free and enjoyable.







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