Wax Carving in Custom Jewelry Designing


Lion Ring

Hand carving of animal shapes and any organic subject such as flowers, leaves, etc., are among my favorite pieces to be commissioned to do!  Above is an image of a lion ring that I made for one of my clients.  She had her own stone, which is a green tourmaline, and wanted a lion ring for her husband.  She lives in California, so like every other custom design piece, I first sent her sketches of different design ideas for her to choose from.  The ring in the image above, with two lions holding the gem, is the design that she picked!

I first made the ring, then I made the lions separately, all by carving wax!  Then I had the wax pieces cast into 18k rose gold.  Once I had all the pieces in gold, they were all polished separately,  then I assembled them together and had the center stone bezel set.

It’s a very organic, unique and one-of a-kind look!  Another example of wax carving is the Engagement ring below:

For the Sofia Engagement ring, I used two different methods.  I hand made the platinum band separately, then I hand carved the flower in wax and put the two pieces together.  Below is a top view image:

Sophia Flower Solitaire Custom Made Enagement Ring

Top View

Depending on the subject, I will either carve the entire piece in wax or use different methods to achieve a certain look!  For organic pieces, wax carving is the best!

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