Unique Men's Wedding Band – He Won't Want To Take Off

It’s important for a man to love his wedding ring.  It is a token of love that needs to be your style. Most men, their wedding band is the only ring that they will wear.  In order to love your wedding band and not want to take it off, it has to match your personality and style.  Another important fact is that it needs to complement your hand structure.

George wanted a custom made platinum wedding band with a cool design that’s interesting, sophisticated and definitely quite and not flashy.  His hand structure is a little wide and he has refined fingers.  George’s style is clean and classic.

George's Hand Custom Men's Wedding Ring

George’s Hand

For George’s hand and any hand with similar structure, a vertical shape design is preferred over a horizontal shape.  Also it’s better if the design is continuous versus a single vertical line/design in the middle of the band.  Since George’s hand has a clean look, the design needs to be minimal and preferably in the center of the band so it can have clean borders on either side.

Making The Ring: Custom made men's wedding ring

Making The Ring

Here’s an image of George’s ring when I was cleaning it.  The design is in the shape of a radiator.  I placed it in the middle of the band and i made smooth edges on either side of it.  The overall shape of the ring is slightly rounded, since a flat top would not be suitable for his hand structure.  I also made the radiator shapes ever-so-slightly further apart from each other at George’s request and I completely agree with him.  If the shapes were too close, it would have looked too busy and definitely not suitable for his hand.  The band is 6mm wide with a perfect balance between the center design and the outer edges.

Here are couple of images of George’s wedding ring;

George wedding ring by Cynthia Britt is a custom made platinum men's wedding ring

George’s wedding ring

George Wedding Ring by Cynthia Britt

George Wedding Ring Side View

Another aspect that makes this wedding ring so interesting and elegant is the combination of the different finishes.  Sand blasted in the middle with high polish outer edges. Best of all it looks fantastic on George’s hand!

For all of my clients who want a wedding ring, I always look at their style and the structure of their hand.  Based on that, I suggest a design that is suitable and complementary.

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