Making of the Flower Shaped Unique Engagement Ring For Sophia

Sophia flower engagement ring, for me, is the ultimate in combining feminine yet strong, refined yet organic all in one gorgeous diamond unique engagement ring.  Very suitable for whom it was made for!

A few months ago a young gentleman came to me for a surprise custom made engagement ring.  First, I brought in a few diamonds for him to choose from.  He showed me pictures of Sophia and asked for a very feminine ring with a thin band and some floral motif.  I always draw for the person, however, this time,  I showed him sketches of floral engagement rings that I had designed for another customer, Emma who had also asked for floral motif.  Mark immediately picked the first design that I had sketched, which happened to be a ring that I personally love, as well.

I made Sophia’s ring in two separate pieces.  I hand carved the flower in wax with a rose in mind, yet I wanted it be a very soft representation of a rose, so it’s a rose if you want it to be and it’s not if you don’t want it to be.  One thing it is, is two petals of flower inter-twined, like two hands holding each other.  Two separate individuals coming together for a mutual cause and for their life together.  The diamond that Mark picked is a gorgeous G color, VVS2 clarity, so I also wanted the sides of the flower to be carved down so that the beauty of the diamond shows all the way around.  Then I hand made the band separately in platinum.  The diamonds were set in the band and then the flower was soldered onto the band and ultimately the center stone was set!

I have to yet meet Sophia, but I can say that Mark is one of the most delightful, funny and intelligent people whom I’ve ever met and a great sense of humor!

Here are more images of Sophia’s flower engagement ring:

Making of the Flower Shaped Unique  Engagement Ring

Sophia’s flower engagement ring

Making of the Flower Shaped Unique  Engagement Ring

Side view, showing the inter-twining of the flower

Congratulations to both of you!


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