Two Quick Steps That Will Transform Your White Collar Shirt and Sweater Look!

A beautiful white collar shirt and sweater is a look that has always been around.  Lately, Valentino showed if off for its Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear collection!


Valentino Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear Collection

valentino Fall runway look

Valentino Fall 2013 Runway

If the shirt’s collar is not as fancy as the image above or the sweater/dress doesn’t have a rich pattern to it, then it becomes a quite, clean look. Yet you can make it more lively and fun with minimum essential pieces of jewelry.

easy steps

Before                                                                                                  After


My first suggestion is a pair of pearl studs.  Whether they are small or large, like the ones that I’ve used, doesn’t matter.  The pearl studs will give a subtle luster to the complexion.  Definitely wear studs and not dangle earrings.

Second step, and to make it more fun and playful, wear a short necklace that is in the same tone as your sweater, if your sweater has a high neck like the one I have.  If the sweater has a lower neck and more of the shirt is showing, then wear a necklace that’s in the same tone as your shirt.  In the picture above, the sweater is charcoal grey, so I matched grey pearls with white gold beads.  Tuck the necklace under the collar so it only shows up in the front.  You can also wear a black onyx bead necklace.  Faceted beads would be fine too!

Wearing red lipstick is up to you, but the choice of your accessories can transform an outfit to levels of elegance and fun without taking away from it.

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