Two Heirloom Jewels and One Happy Couple

custom made engagement ring and matching wedding ring

Sarah and Mark Wedding Rings

Sarah and Mark have let me be a party to their joy for more than one year, when I had the pleasure of making Sarah’s engagement ring. As requested, I made the ring using an heirloom family diamond.

With that order of business done, it was now time to think about wedding bands.

The good news was that Sarah was thrilled with her engagement ring, which consisted of a center round diamond and two pear-shaped diamonds flanking it. The center diamond, being larger, is wider than the width of the band. Thus, she wanted her wedding band to sit flush with the ring and accommodate its diamonds.

Platinum and Diamond Engagement Ring

Sarah’s Engagement Ring

The solution was to have a rounded band, slightly thinner in width from the width of the engagement-ring band, then create flat rectangular stations that would be wider than the band and end in a point on both sides, complementing the pear-shaped diamonds on the engagement ring.

This is where mathematical calculations and magic intersect: I calculated the measurement at the base of the center diamond and separated the rectangular shapes on the band accordingly. This way, the center basket on Sarah’s engagement ring is nestled in between any of the two stations. The shape of the stations also complement the pear-shaped diamonds and the wedding ring is in complete harmony with the engagement ring.

Jewelry Designer Boston

Sarah Platinum Wedding Ring in Making

Platinum and Diamond Scalloped Wedding Band

Sarah’s Platinum Scalloped Wedding Band

The band is not, however, one that can only look whole worn with its engagement ring. If Sarah wants to wear it alone, it looks complete, as is the case with all my custom-made wedding bands.

Mark, similarly, had been given a men’s wedding ring that was a family heirloom. He wanted me to melt it down and create a new wedding band that was more in keeping with his modern taste and style. He requested a clean top with a brushed matte finish.

As requested, I melted the band down, reshaped it to a 6-millimeter-wide width and added extra comfort inside the band by giving it a high polish.

Hand Made Men's Wedding Ring With Matte Finish

Mark’s New Wedding Ring

In keeping with the generosity of spirit of this modern, low-key and affectionate couple, they invited me to their wedding.  It was a cozy affair held at the beautiful home of one of their friends, in which the bride’s mother had made their wedding cake  — and it was exquisite!

Wedding Cake

Two beautiful people (and their beautiful rings) deserve more beauty!

I wish Sarah and Mark a lifetime of happy and sparking experience.

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