There’s a trick to sizing every kind of a finger structure. 

We all have some kind of what I call a “road block”. Fingers with strong tendons will have road blocks on the sides of their fingers resulting in a tapered finger. Meaning where the ring sits, it’s wider than the rest of the finger.

The road block may be on the top section of the finger.

Another kind is when the knuckle bones are bigger on the right and left sides. This results in a narrow finger where the ring would sit and wider where the knuckle is.

The knuckle bone sometimes maybe bigger on the top section of the finger versus the sides.

Knowing how to wear and take off a ring is the key on how to size each finger structure.

Here’s lovely Brittany showing how to wear and take off a ring if your road block is on the top section of your finger.

Where ever you live, feel free to dm me a picture of your hand, and I’ll make and post for your hand shape and show you how to get your finger sized correctly!

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