Story Behind Sharon Angel Engagement Ring

Sharon Angel Engagement Ring by Cynthia Britt

The Sharon Angel Engagement Ring Side View

The majority of my clients ask for a specific engagement ring to surprise their fiancé-to-be.  The Sharon Angel ring is a custom made surprise engagement ring that was presented to Sharon by her fiancé during their vacation.  The idea of the angel wings was brought up by Sharon’s fiancé-to-be, Carroll.  He described in such beautiful detail on how they met during volunter help for survivors of hurricane Katrina and how Sharon’s presence and personality was that of an angel for him.  Carroll wanted a symbolic engagement ring that would have angel wings to represent Sharon and a cowboy star to represent him.

I asked Carroll for pictures of Sharon and if possible including her hand.  I also showed him a few diamonds to choose from.  Once he picked the diamonds, which is a beautiful Canadian Ideal cut diamond, I started on carving the angel ring.  The first ring I did, wasn’t quite what Carroll wanted, but I got it on the second time!  I made the angel wings rise up and hold the diamond and I carved a star at the bottom of the diamond, sitting on the skin, very personal.  This way, when wearing the ring, only Sharon knows that there’s a star on her finger!

Carroll and Sharon went on their vacation to Ireland and after Carroll surprised Sharon with her angel ring, they sent me a text letting me that know it was a success, which made me very very happy and all worth while!