The Perfect Wedding Gift: Personalized Birthstone Jewelry

We all know the scramble to find the perfect, personalized wedding gift for our soon to be married friend. Registries make it easy to get your friends what they actually want (unlike the more vague process of buying a birthday gift), but what if the most personalized gift that you can give hasn’t been invented yet? Custom made jewelry opens the doors to a vast world of possibilities for beautiful, timeless gifts—and the best person for the job is Cynthia Britt.

Bianca’s Vision

Our beloved customer Bianca (who got both her engagement ring and wedding band from us) recently found herself on the other side of this dilemma. Her wedding was quickly approaching and she wanted to give a gift to her mother and sister.

Bianca wanted to delve into another layer of personalization, and specifically requested a pair of earrings that included heirloom diamonds and both her mother’s and sister’s birthstones.

Now, Cynthia faced her own dilemma when Bianca requested the earrings for her mother and sister to be identical.

Understanding the styles:

To begin with, Cynthia asked for a picture of Bianca’s mom and sister to get a grasp of their style—similar to her ordinary custom-made engagement ring process. Her mom was glamorous with an old-world style, while Carla was charming and youthful. 

The challenge was evidently to create a design that was appropriate for both generations, to integrate three different color birthstones, namely Garnet (mom’s), Yellow Topaz (Carla’s), and Amethyst (Bianca’s), and to perfectly complement the personality and style of each woman.

Ultimately, Cynthia’s inspiration came from the pictures above. She sketched a design that was timeless, easy to wear, and of course—unique!

Final Sketch

The “Moon and Petal” design symbolizes love. The marquise shape diamond was chosen for its captivating and timeless look, and the moon design was to create a sense of movement. Not only did the design convey Bianca’s message, but it was the key to every creative question, illustrating Cynthia’s unique imagination, talent and ingenuity.

Both Bianca’s mom and Carla loved the earrings—they were sentimental, very personal, and a perfect addition to their wardrobe.

Bianca’s family not only gained a pair of beautiful diamond earrings but a new family heirloom that will be passed down for generations to come. We couldn’t be happier for them!


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