Nicki Custom Designed Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

A few months ago a lovely young lady, named Nicki, came to have a custom made wedding ring designed to match her diamond engagement ring.  Nicki’s diamond engagement ring has an antique look to it with engraving on the band.  The challenge in designing a wedding band to Nicki’s engagement ring, is because of the the bezel set diamond that comes out on either side and it’s not in the same line as the band.  The band is also “pinched” style and with the diamonds sticking out on either side of the ring, creates a gap between the engagement ring and any wedding band that would sit next to it.  Below is the picture of Nicki’s diamond engagement ring.

Nicki Custom Made Engagement Ring

Nicki Engagement Ring

For a custom made wedding ring that would be suitable for Nicki’s engagement ring and her hand, I suggested a scalloped edge wedding band versus a straight edge band.  This would fill in the gap in the area where the pinched band meets with the side bezel set diamonds.  Here’s the Nicki Wedding ring:

Nicki Custom Designed Wedding Ring to Match the Engagement Ring

Nicki Wedding Ring Side View

And this is the side view.  The rings match and on a sporty day when Nicki is not wearing her engagement ring, her wedding ring is complete on it’s own.  Nicki’s husband got a yellow gold half round, comfort fit men’s band.

Congratulations to a lovely and sweet couple!

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