Custom Designing Herkimer Diamond Engagement Ring for Heidi

Heidi Custom Made Engagement Ring

Heidi Custom Made Engagement Ring Top View

Heidi Custom Designed Engagement Ring

Heidi Custom Designed Engagement Ring Side View

I love the story, the ring and the couple for whom I made this engagement ring for.  A couple of months ago, I received an email from André who lives in mountain areas of New York state.  He had a pear shape Herkimer diamond and he wanted it to be set in a sturdy and an appropriate setting for Heidi’s hand and her active life style.  A Herkimer diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal discovered within exposed part of  dolostone mostly  around Herkimer County, New York.  They have 18 facets ( 6 sides ) and two terminations.

Once I received the Herkimer diamond, I sketched an appropriate design that would hold the stone securely, accommodating its depth and non-uniform shape.  I also wanted the design to feel comfortable on the finger yet be sturdy and stunning.  Since Heidi likes plants and gardenning, I made the prongs resemble branches and I hammered the silver at Andrés request.  André has since proposed to Heidi and now the Herkimer diamond and it’s custom made setting have a new home, where they belong..on Heidi’s finger.

To a very gracious couple, love you both!

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this is so beautiful! My boyfriend and I are looking at herkimer diamonds and would like to have you make something like this for us. I am a nurse and need to be able to put on gloves without tearing so that is the only thing I wonder about this design. Otherwise ILOVE IT!


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