Wonderful and Gifted Designer

I brought a decades old diamond and sapphire ring my mother gave me to Cynthia for a redesign. She listened to everything I told her I wanted and spent lots of time looking at rings online with me and asking me questions. She was very clear and made sure to explain all the steps in the redesign process and what they were likely to cost and how long it would take. She was always pleasant, cheerful and gracious. She created four different ring designs and allowed me to choose one. I didn’t expect to enjoy this process as much as I did, and I give full credit to Cynthia. She was very efficient, reliable and flexible. The new ring is sleek, *gorgeous* (white gold with just the diamond–I left off the sapphires) and much better suited to me than the old one (yellow gold, outdated and clunky.) Cynthia took great photos of both old and new rings and also gave me an appraisal of the new ring as part of the package. I liked the fact that she took the time to educate me about diamonds–how they’re valued–and the different golds that are available. She is not only a wonderful designer, but a very nice, engaging person. I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a jewelry designer.

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