Wedding Rings!

Cynthia worked with my (now) husband when he decided to propose back in December 2011. He had wanted a more personal experience when buying an engagement ring, and after a long search, he found Cynthia. He had such a wonderful experience designing the ring with her (which I love!) that when it came time for us to purchase our wedding bands, we decided to work with Cynthia again to pick the perfect rings.

Having never worn jewelry of any type, my husband wanted something simple but unique, and he got that in his wedding band. Cynthia provided multiple examples of rings, which allowed him to try on a variety of styles until he found just the right one (a cobalt band with slight edging). It looks wonderful and is completely comfortable for him (a very high priority)! It was not something we probably would have purchased if we had gone to a generic jewelry store, where the selection would be far more limited, and where he would not have been provided with the jewelry expertise that Cynthia had.

I had an idea of what I thought I would want with my band, but wasn’t able to visualize it, particularly how it might look with my beautiful engagement ring. After discussing with her my ideas and vision, Cynthia actually went and created a “imitation” ring using CZ stones. I then was able to try on the sample wedding ring with my engagement ring – and knew it was exactly what I wanted!

Cynthia was able to get us both bands very quickly, and she worked with us so that we could have them engraved with our initials and wedding date. She also has assisted us with resizing (I had to have my engagement ring sized down, and both my husband and I need our bands slightly altered). She has been incredibly helpful in every step of the process and has made everything very simple.

Both my husband and I have loved working with Cynthia and appreciated the personal touch that she provided us. The experience we had using Cynthia to design our rings was perfect, and she made the process so much more fun and exciting than if we had gone to a jewelry store. We would highly recommend her for any of your jewelry needs – but particularly when looking for something as precious and intimate as your engagement and wedding rings.

Thank you, Cynthia!

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