The Modern Bride Gets Ring of Her Dreams

The title sounds like a title to a modern fairy tale right? Well, coming from a girl who never connected to traditional notions of relationships, marriage, engagement rings, and all that jazz, Cynthia created both a special piece for me and a shift in my perspective. Some girls know what they want going into this ring stuff, and some get surprised. I did not fit in either of those catagories. We had gone to the jewelers building in Boston and it felt like a layer of Dante’s inferno – I was miserable. Most likely because I don’t like shopping. I knew I was not too keen on a straight up diamond and the whole “anti-conflict diamond” argument had come up in a few of my social circles. I wear blue scrubs on a regular basis, so the first stone that came to my head was a sapphire. My fiance found Cynthia through some miracle of the universe, because she was able to create a ring that I had subconsciously dreamed , but never envisioned. She is a true expert in her field of work.

Upon seeing me, Cynthia had an intuition about my style and what would fit my hand. At the time, I was quite nervous and skeptical about designing my own ring. I did not want to mess it up, I mean its a lot of money right? As weeks progressed I saw this beautiful sketch come to life in front of my eyes. At every step Cynthia made sure I “fit” with the ring. Not just that I liked it, but that I connected with the piece. Sounds silly, but if you are reading this, wait till you experience it. She assisted from choosing a gorgeous sapphire from a bag of loose stones to going through a CAD design of my ring and fine tuning the details of a curve here and a stone there, Cynthia was patient and generous with her time. Furthermore, she shared ideas for the ring I would never have thought of, or had the vision to imagine on my ring. I can’t stress this enough – she is a master of her craft.

After a long time of working through the design and the actual making of the ring, my fiance got it from Cynthia in order to surprise me. She was great at keeping the secret (I saw her that day because my sister also getting a ring done with Cynthia – yes she is that good). I was in no rush. That night my fiance surprised me with the most beautiful ring I have seen in my life. Although I couldn’t have dreamed of such a ring, it truly is the ring of my dreams. Every time I look at it I cannot believe such a unique, elegant, and strong piece of art sits on my hands. I am so thankful to go through this experience with Cynthia because I know it was not easy for her, but she was so compassionate both personally and professionally. Cynthia it is such a blessing to have met you and have your work on my hand. Thank you so much for creating a piece that is perfection on every level.


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