Rave Review from Danielle, Herself

I am the Danielle referenced in the news article about the stunning wedding band Cynthia so beautifully designed to complement my engagement ring. If you couldn’t tell from the photos, this piece is truly one of a kind. When I challenged Cynthia to create a wedding band that was elegant, timeless, unique and fit to my engagement ring she immediately began to work her magic. She started by studying my hand then sketching it. Then she drew up a couple mock-ups right on the spot that struck her as appropriate for my hand and my engagement ring. Then, along with my now husband, Cynthia and I began to talk through each sketch, selecting elements of each while also incorporating elements of my engagement ring. Once I saw the the final sketch of my wedding band I knew it would be perfect! Cynthia then carved the band out of wax so I could try it on with my engagement ring and see how it looked both as a set and on its own. She also carefully hand selected each diamond so it would perfectly match the color and clarity of my engagement ring diamonds. As you can imagine, I could hardly wait to see the final product! The day I picked up my wedding band was the day the wedding became so very real. Once I put on the band I was blown away by the intricacy, the artistry and the beauty of this very special ring. Cynthia drew inspiration from my engagement ring but also incorporated her own style and twist as the very talented artist she is. I highly recommend Cynthia Britt to men shopping for engagement rings, couples shopping for wedding bands and anyone else who wants to add a one of a kind, custom designed, beautiful piece of jewelry to their own collection or to give as a gift to someone special. Cynthia will welcome you into her home, work closely with you every step of the way and be upfront and honest from beginning to end about any costs, timelines or concerns. She was an amazing find and I am so grateful to now call her a friend. I am attaching some photos taken on my iPhone. I will be sure to upload the closeups from the photographer as soon as they are available!


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