Perfectly Elegant

Cynthia is truly an amazing artist. Her thoughtful, contemplative nature combined with her artistic talents are the essence of each individual creation.

I admit that I was initially surprised by her desire to see both pictures of Traci, and in particular, her hand. After just a few moments of consideration Cynthia began to describe her vision for Traci’s ring in ways that astounded me. She looked at me and said, “Traci is sunshine, ” which was perfect in its figurative descriptiveness.

With this image, and my diamond, she set out to find the perfect pair of additional stones. Although I was hesitant about yellow diamonds, the ones she shared with me a week later were without equal. As we combed through design ideas, Cynthia remained true to her initial connections, sunshine and elegance.

Throughout the process, Cythnia connected with me regularly, both sharing progress updates and photos frequently. There are not words to describe my reaction to the completed piece. Its essence is Traci, and its beauty, as a result, is incomparable.

Thank you Cynthia!!!!!


Response: Thank you so very much Anne! Your description is so beautiful and in depth, that I couldn\’t read it fast enough!! It\’s my pleasure to make jewelry, but when I see it\’s so appreciated, it truly is a gift for me!! Thank you again, as you made me very happy and I truly appreciate it!!

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