Harry Winston design

Cynthia Britt is without question, the finest designer of original jewelry I have ever seen. I asked her to design an engagement ring, based on a Harry Winston design I had seen. She produced a phenomenal three diamond design, with a central principal stone, and two flanking baguettes, that was spectacular, and far exceeded the original. This ring literally draws gasps of admiration wherever it is displayed.

The second piece she recently did for me was prompted by the fact that I could not find a quality necklace in a “Star of David” design, even at Cartier’s and Tiffany”s. Cynthia fashioned a stunning and completely original piece, featuring a cut-out star, lined entirely in diamonds. This is so creative and unique, eye-catching yet delicate, that it gets rave reviews.

I cannot recommend Cynthia too highly. She is an amazing new talent. You will not be disappointed.

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