Engagement Ring

Like most men, I was overwhelmed when it came to choosing an engagement ring. I wanted to surprise my girlfriend, so I didn’t have any input from her about what she’d like. I spent a lot of time researching rings and trying to find the right place to buy it. None of the places I looked at felt right and I was running out of time. With only a week to go before the big day, I found Cynthia. We spoke on the phone and I knew she was the jeweler for me. She was truly interested in making everything just right and coming up with the perfect ring for my girlfriend. We met the next day and she spent an hour with me one on one. She showed me several diamonds, asked lots of questions about my girlfriend, and even looked at pictures of her to help determine the right style. Once I made my choices, she was able to get the ring made in 5 days. The ring was perfect and my girlfriend (now fiance) loves it. Many thanks to Cynthia for her personal touch in this process.

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