Cynthia to the rescue!

It was a Monday when I made the last minute decision to propose to my girlfriend during a vacation that we were leaving for in a week. The only problem was, I had to travel for work during that week and only had one day to find a ring. I came across Cynthia’s website and called her. When I told her the situation, she immediately rearranged her schedule to meet with me right away. I was very nervous (never proposed before!) but Cynthia made me feel comfortable, explained the process, and gave me lots of options. After our meeting, I had to get on a plane, but during the flight (hooray for in-flight WiFi), she emailed me photos of stones and settings and before I landed, everything was picked out and priced. By the time I got back from my work trip on Saturday, the ring was ready and it was Beautiful! The next day, I left on vacation with my girlfriend with the ring stashed away. A few days later, I proposed and she said yes! She absolutely loves the ring and I’m so glad that I got to help design it (instead of picking it out at a store). We both couldn’t be happier. Thank you Cynthia for such a beautiful ring, and for working with me to make it happen even on a crazy schedule.

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