Cynthia is great

Cynthia literally took all the anxiety out of buying my engagement ring. Cynthia is beyond a jeweler she is an artist. She literally takes everything into consideration and designs the best product possible.

I literally said to her:
1.I want something that looks like a flower.
2.My girlfriend likes everything but is picky also.
From that she designed something that was more beautiful then I could have imagined.
She is not overcharging you, making money of materials,or trying to up sell you either, but she was actively trying to save me money.
I learned something about precious metals or stones every time I met with her.

Ultimately, if you want something unique,elegant, not overpriced, and an actual piece of art then see Cynthia.

P.S She is so incredibly friendly.

P.S.S Did I mention she was trying to save me money!!!!!!!! She really wants your money to go into the overall beauty and mystique of the jewelry.

P.S.S.S I really can’t express how grateful I am for the quality of Jewelry and care I received.

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