Beautiful and Unique Wedding Ring

While looking for engagement rings my (now) husband and I came across this lovely antique looking ring in a small jewelry store near our home. It had a wheat pattern etched into the side and two little diamonds that sat below the main diamond; I fell in love with it right away! The store didn’t sell a matching band for it though, so we figured we’d be just shop around and find something suitable, but after months of looking through jewelry stores all over Massachusetts nothing seemed right. I wanted a band that would compliment the wheat pattern and fit closely against the side of the engagement ring, but because the little diamonds stuck out the wedding band would have to have some kind of an indentation. Finally, we decided we’d just have to get the ring custom made, and that’s when I found Cynthia!

I was a little nervous abut working with a custom jeweler at first after running into some overbearing jewelers during our wedding band search, but Cynthia was totally the opposite! She was so easy to work with; very personable and knowledgeable, and really interested in creating something that you loved and was a good design. Cynthia and I talked about what I was looking for, and after taking measurements of my engagement ring and discussing what I liked and didn’t like from other ring designs, she came up with a great idea to have a leaf shape with multiple indentations around it…that way even if the ring spun around the little diamond in my engagement ring would easily find a place to rest. Then she designed a variation on the wheat pattern to be etched in each leaf shape that complemented the band of the engagement ring. Her attention to detail was perfect, she figured out exactly how to size the leaves so they fit equally around the band and even thought to leave the bottom un-etched so if I ever need to have the ring re-sized it will be easy to do so. The end result was a beautiful ring that looks equally good both with my engagement ring and on it’s own, and perfectly fits my taste in jewelry!

She also helped my husband choose his wedding band. He just wanted a plain gold band but he wasn’t sure what kind of width would look right on his hand. Cynthia went out of her way to get some different sized bands he could try on and she helped him choose a size and shape.

I’d highly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking for a custom piece of jewelry! She’s a pleasure to work with and my husband and I will definitely be back for any of our jewelry needs!

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