All of my friends say “it looks just like you”

The ring Cynthia designed for me is absolutely gorgeous and I am thrilled with the result!

Cynthia managed to capture everything that I wanted in a ring; uniqueness, sparkle, elegance, delicateness, without knowing me! But most of all she crafted it with much care, paying attention to every detail. In essence she managed to capture my Joel. He pays so much attention to detail in all the things he does for me, that when I gaze at my ring I feel as if I gaze into his heart.

The ring was re-sized because it was a little giggly on my finger and even after that the ring has been intact and beautiful as ever. It fits perfectly now!

Cynthia’s sweet personality matches perfectly with her exterior. She is petite, elegant, and kind. She has an amazing talent and the ability of knowing what suits a person best based on their personality and or likes. She ordered a band for Joel that was not even in the catalog and it turned out to be the one I chose for him! I cannot wait!

Cynthia thank you so much for all your time, dedication, and flexibility! You have made this an incredible experience!

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