A Surprise Anniversary Ring That's Stylish And Sentimental

Custom Made Diamond Anniversary Ring with Birthstones

Barbara’s husband came to me wanting to design a very special anniversary surprise for his wife. He knew he wanted to give her a classic looking diamond ring that she could wear everyday, but he also wanted it to be very sentimental. He had the idea that their two children’s birthstones could be incorporated into a diamond ring.

I was so lucky to learn that their kids have two of the most beautiful birthstones- ruby and sapphire, but, I was immediately concerned that the combination of a red ruby, blue sapphire, and white diamond would be a bit too reminiscent of the American Flag.

Here’s an image of Barbara’s hands which her husband sent to me:

custom made anniversary ring

I began sketching some ideas and brainstorming ways to incorporate theses three stones in a subtle way, perhaps in a way where all three stones couldn’t be seen side by side at the same time. While considering different design options, I brough in a number of diamonds to choose from for the center stone. Based on Barbara’s style and hand structure, I knew, I wanted a clean and more casual look that would be suitable for her to wear on a daily basis. We quickly settled on a round brilliant cut .72 carat diamond. For an extra clean look, I decided on a bezel setting that would look impeccably smooth from the top view.

Next was the difficult part- incorporating the rubies and sapphires without losing this clean look I had created. The bezel set solitaire diamond suited Barbara in so many ways, and I knew I did not want to lose that top view of one single diamond. I created a 14k white gold band with a taper effect that makes that makes the side profile of the ring angle inwards, as to not be seen from the top view. One profile side is set with rubies, and the other side is set with sapphires. It is a subtle effect that maintains the sentiment without losing the simplicity.

Diamond Anniversary Ring Ruby Side

Here’s Barbara’s Diamond Ring With Ruby Side

Diamond anniversary Ring Sapphire side

Here’s Barbara’s Diamond Ring With Sapphire Side

Barbara was extremely surprised when her husband gave her the diamond ring for their anniversary. It is a ring that encompasses the journey these two have shared together as they built their family.

It was a pleasure meeting Barbara’s husband and helping him surprise her with such a special gift after so many years of marriage! It was a wonderful pleasure meeting Barbara, as well, when she came in to have her ring sized!



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