Seranite Wedding Band for Men: Everything You Need to Know

What Is Seranite?

Seranite is a ceramic based metal. It’s naturally black in color and it’s used as an alternative metal for men’s wedding bands. There are different pressurized levels of ceramic. Some may break easily, but Seranite is made at the highest pressure injected level which makes it very durable, pretty indestructible, and scratch resistant. In fact, because of its durability, Seranite is also used in the Aerospace and medical industries. Another property of Seranite is that it’s hypoallergenic.

Seranite is easily maintained. You can get it in a mat or shiny finish, but either way, it doesn’t get scratched or dull. Unlike other metals doesn’t need polishing. When it gets dirty or greasy, just wash it with hot water and soap. Another property of Seranite is that it doesn’t conduct electricity, so it’s ideal for people who work in the electrical field.

The only warning that Seranite comes with is that you can’t size it, so make sure you order the correct size.

Seranite is an inexpensive metal that looks rich and stylish. To show what it looks like, instead of putting randomly photographed images of Seranite rings, I’m going to share with you images of Hilmar!

Hilmar is one of my customers all the way from Iceland! He is an adventurous man who could do one of those Survival TV shows for real! He takes people on tours to the glaciers and hot springs of Iceland and most of the time, wearing shorts!! Because of the nature of his work and lifestyle, he wanted a durable yet stylish wedding band for his up-coming wedding and Seranite was the right choice for him!

Here’s an image of Hilmar on his wedding day, after the ceremony, as he changed into his shorts!

Seranite Wedding Band for Men

Hilmar on his wedding day

Here’s a close up of his ring!

Seranite Wedding Band for Men Close Up

Seranite Wedding Band Close Up

Here’s an image of Hilmar and his gorgeous wife, Birna, whom I’ll write about and post images of her wedding jewelry, separately.

Seranite Wedding Band for Men Everything You Need to Know

That’s one stylish and adventuresome couple!

Love you both!!

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